Thank you for taking the time to look around the Fenwick Float-ors website.

Fenwick Float-ors is a retail shopping adventure for the whole family located on Route 54 (Lighthouse Road) 3 miles west of Fenwick Island, Delaware & Ocean City, Maryland.

We enjoy life at the beach...and we hope you do too...because..."It's the beach!"

In 1989 we began making our personalized "Fenwick Float-ors" buoys.

The original thought was that the brightly painted buoys would look much nicer on the water than the traditional "plastic milk jugs" that marked the location of crab pots in our local bays. 

Many of our buoys have found new homes with locals and visitors alike. Most are decorating front doors, announcing that "Happy Hour" has arrived or wherever they have landed acting as a general reminder to relax...the beach, good times, fun memories and the next bushel of crabs are not far away. It is funny that not many of our Fenwick Float-ors buoys have made it into the water...who knew.

So...our name "FENWICK FLOAT-ORS" comes from the fact that our Fenwick Float-ors (Buoys) can be used as a "FLOAT" "OR" to decorate your home.

Over the years we have embraced that "OR" to decorate your home part of our name and run with it. We have met many artists and creative people from all over the world and tried to give them room to share their unique offerings with the visitors to our retail store located not too far from Fenwick Island and just a bit farther from the Atlantic Ocean. 

From the latest offerings of national lifestyle brands to one of a kind, unique works of art you never know what you might find each time you stop in for a visit. 

We also discovered life at the beach makes you hungry so we now offer many delicious snacks to help keep your energy up.

And with all of that extra energy we discovered we needed toys for kids of all ages...so, yep you'll find those too.

Don't worry, we have pets and we know you do too so you can find a selection of offerings to take home for your furry friends.

Got feet, we have beach friendly shoes...

As mentioned before, the products we offer are always changing.

Those changes are often inspired by our visitors.

So, if you didn't see what you were looking for on a visit please ask one of us. We live here too and we love a good idea.  

If we can improve the experience, if you know a good (family friendly) joke / story,  if you have heard of a cool new product, or have ideas on how to make the Fenwick Island area even better we are always excited to hear what you have to say. It is fun to share!

Once again thank you for taking the time to look around the Fenwick Float-ors website.

Check back often and don't forget to keep an eye on our social media offerings as well. 

And above all...

Have a "Buoy-ful Day!" or a "Floatastic Week"..."Float-orific"?.......